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Report based on a virtual list

Question asked by planteg on Feb 2, 2015
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I ma trying to create a report based on a virtual list as explained in FM 13 Advanced training course, paragraph Virtual Lists for Crosstab Reporting. I am having issues, and this drives me nuts .


I have the right values in my virtual table, but they don't show up properly on the report.


This is the content of the virtual table

VTable 1.jpg

Everything is as expected. But in the report layout, it's wrong.


Issue 1, I get only one Projet (project) instead of 3.

VTable 2.jpg

Issue no 2, some numbers are either multiplied by 100 (3 125.00) or by 10 (395.00). See what happens if I click into one of those fields

VTable 3.jpg

Quite puzzling.


Issue no 3: see what I get when I click preview

VTable 4.jpg

This time I get all of the Projets, but the Client name is repeated.


I seriously think about quitting drinking water .


But wait, there is more. I move my mouse over the only displayed Projet and roll the mouse wheel, I can get to other Projet. Since some may ask about the script, here it is

VTable 5.jpg

Thanks in advance to all of you who can throw some light in my nightmare.


Gilles Plante