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    sendmail - outlook - weird behavior


      Client is in the process of moving from Mac to PC. Their FM solution is in 13, but is merely a migrated design, and structure from circa FM7. Which shouldn't matter because the challenge is with a simple SendMail command. But as we know, Outlook and FileMaker have a tendency to not want to play together. In the past we had some problems with our clients FM solution working with Outlook on the Mac--but it was working. Now, the client is switching to PC, and it's not working.

      When using the SendMail command: SUBJECT, and BODY Text get moved to a new email message in Outlook just fine, but not TO: or CC. I attempted to replicate the problem on my PC (actual PC, not virtual) running windows 7 (they may be on 8) and Office 365. I do not have the problem, but I am hooking up to a gmail NOT Exchange. But...

      If the Body and Text get put in an email, then why not the addresses? Perhaps there is some security setting that won't allow it, or perhaps there is some other setting. It's certainly not the 32 vs 64 bit problem (been there done that).

      I understand that there may be thread here that explains this problem exactly, if there is, please point me to it, so far I'm only finding other problems that I've had before. I don't even mind if they need to use a plugin, but they shouldn't.

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          This is odd, I wonder are there 2 email clients on this PC?

          Maybe express, Mozilla or something else in the way?

          Also look in the mail profiles to see if anything is amiss.

          control panel > mail.

          Also, make sure the user is logged in with the appropriate security, I would just make them a full administrator. It is possible they don't have access to the profile.

          I would be certain though its nothing to do with Filemaker.

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            Only Outlook.

            Mail Profile seems good.

            I can't make the user full administrator or not--but this is where I think we're on to something. It could be a result of "Programatic Access" at a group level. I'm going to try my FileMaker test file with another user that, previously, always had admin permissions. I'm also looking for another application that would open up outlook too. Ultimately, I have confidence that it was their IT department's fault, but I have to go down every alley first.

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              I have had this happen when one of the address fields was empty. I had to use a conditional statement to set the CC: or BCC: field to "" instead of the contents of an empty field.

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                There are some other posts out there about this same issue. Look in the "More Like this" section on the right side of the screen. Someone else may have found a solution.