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filemaker server intermittent issue - files won't open

Question asked by darrenburgess on Feb 2, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by jgalt

I am having an intermittent issue with FMS13 v5 installed on a mac book pro.


Files in the Activity pane show as closed, and they are not able to be reopened.


They seem to open on their own after awhile, and I have not been able to determine how that happens.


I have tried the following

  • multiple reboots
  • starting and stopping the server from the command line
  • starting and stopping the server from the admin console


Here is a representative line from the log:

Mon Feb 02 19:41:19 EST 2015Server EventsErrorCould not close database "FMServer_Sample" because it is in incorrect state: Closed.


This shows as error 821 in the log, although for some reason that does not export

821 = host forced a disconnect