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Repeating field to list to lookup back to repeating field

Question asked by 8bitwolf on Feb 2, 2015
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I am working with a par of databases, relating a code back to a product description.  As far as I can tell when I link the fields via a lookup only the first field filled in the repeating fields for the codes will bring up the correct description.  The idea was to try to limit the amount of times I had to make new fields with new relationship to the other database.  I had the idea to try to use a button to run a script that would take a list version of the code repeating field and use it to gather the product descriptions in the same order, then populate the description repeating field from the gathered list.  Main sang I'm running into with that is I'm at a bit of loss as to how to actually implement the verbiage of the script.  Any help would be great, or if someone knows how to get the first part working right it would be great.  Thanks in advance!