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Question about dynamic value list ...

Question asked by on Feb 3, 2015
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I am so desperate and I may have asked this earlier - but I d o  n o t et it working... I want to build a list of values to chose from so that an ID will be saved to the field while a "sounding" description is show. Unfortunately the setting is a bit complicated. I have:


  • Table "HT Values" - this one stores centrally options for different value lists: There is also a field "Format" that carries the "sounding" descriptions and an ID carries the ID to be stored
  • Table "Products" - in here is a field "ID Format" that saves the ID of a chosen "Format". Here I want to have (my problematic) value list (IDs to be stored, text of "Format" to be shown)


In my case not all records from "HT Values" that carry text in the "Format" field are allowed, but only some that are defined in a table "Prices". This list containes ID, ID Pricelist, ID Format, Price.


The table "Products" is linked to a table "Categories" (via ID Category) in which for a Category-recordset an ID Pricelist is present.


If possible I do not want do scatter my TO-Graph with too many TO-relations but think there should be a more elegant way. I can easily get a list of IDs for Formats from "HT Values" that are "allowed" in the context via eSQL and store it in a global field.


But: how can I make the value list with "ID" and "Format" (text) - the first to be saved after selection, the secon to be shown...


Hopefully someone can follow my explanation and give some advice how to start solving the issue.