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    are theese forums moderated?

    Markus Schneider

      on forums.filemaker.com, there are kind TS guys, chiming into discussions from time to time - and they are feeding testing and development dpartements when needed.

      How is this here in the community?

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          Yes, FileMaker reps (typically, Steve Romig) monitor the forum and periodically chime in.


          However, if you want to submit a feature request, it's best to use the feature request page:


          Company | FileMaker

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            It's pretty different. Some FM staff may reply, but it's rare and not with technical answers. Are all the TS people FM employees? Either way TSGal and others reply pretty much to every thread, keep an updated log of reported bugs and fixes, and are 100x more involved there.

            I'm not sure if FMI is planning on integrating the two forum sites or not, but it would make sense now that TechNet has moved to being more "public".



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              I would call it loosely moderated.  What you post goes out right away.  I've had a post pulled back when it was apparent FileMaker did not want it out.  For example I posted something a little prematurely on an announcement not realizing that they were not making it public yet and my post disappeared.  So it is not unfiltered.  And I'm sure if you posted something about your multi-level marketing program or some inappropriate photos, you would find your post go away real quick and probably loose your account too. 


              In general FileMaker wants this forum to be an open discussion for end users, developers and consultants (e.g., the "community").  I've been told by FileMaker employees that they are not supposed to be leading discussions or taking control, just being on the sideline to just step in when needed.  In general, they let the discussions flow freely. 

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                I think you are correct about the bad stuff going away quickly.  Had one today from coco80 about building muscle.  As a test I clicked the link to View the full discussion,  and it came up marked as Unauthorized. 


                So the e-mail/posting had time to go out, but was taken down fairly quickly.

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                  Benjamin Fehr

                  I would guess that your post was referring to any pre-releases, and according to this, was violating NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) of either Apple Inc or FMI.

                  It's like a trap you may step in when working with all the pre-releases constantly, get to use them, and forget about NDA when posting any important Bug-Reports.

                  Important to know that reports under NDA can be sent in by email to:


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                    Yes...the forum is moderated.


                    I and Matt O'Dell (and perhaps a few others unofficially) keep an eye on things and chime in when we can.  Keep in mind it isn't our primary role here at FileMaker so we don't have eyes on it every second.  But we are watching. 

                    I typically look at it first thing in the morning to catch up from the previous day and then periodically jump in during the day when time permits.  We (Matt / I / others) aren't here to touch or respond to every message - it would be impossible.  But we both try and chime in when we can.  More times than not -  by the time I read a message it has a half dozen responses already and I have zero value add.  But if the timing is right or a message has gone unanswered I'll post a reply.  And I try and catch any message that reads something like "what does FileMaker think?" or if there is confusion about a policy or a announcement or anything in between.


                    Steve Romig

                    FileMaker, Inc.

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                      Markus Schneider

                      Thank You very much for Your answer!