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    Login Credentials Wiped


      I uploaded a file to FMS 13 and now cannot access the file with my credentials.  Perplexed, I removed the file from FMS 13 (closed, remove) and tried again.  Same thing.


      I removed the file again from FMS 13.  This time, in FMP I set the file to open automatically with the active account/pw of admin/admin.  Uploaded to FMS 13.  When I tried to open the file (open remote) I am asked for my credentials, instead of opening automatically.  I entered my credentials, and it was refused.  I tried two other credentials and both failed.


      I ran a backup schedule, copied the file, pasted to the desktop, and opened.  It opened automatically, with the admin/admin.  I forced the credential prompt and entered my credentials, which successfully logged me into the db.


      Has anyone ever seen this before?  Seems like a bug but I wonder if I'm missing something.


      Any thoughts?

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          I may have figured it out:


          FileMaker Network Settings on the file were set to "Specify users by privilege set" and one of the files privilege sets.  I presume this didn't affect the local file, which I could open, because the local file wasn't shared.  I switched this to "All users" and uploaded to FMS 13 again.  This time, it opened as expected.