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Question asked by andyk3005 on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by Mike_Mitchell

Filemaker is such a frustrating tool.  When you think you have found the logical way to work it confounds you.   I have a straightforward task to create Work instructions for the shop floor (File WO)  which is generated from a Sales Order, a Sales Order Line Item and a Product Quality Specification.  I have created the relationship shown (fig 1).   Using a form based on the file WO with Merge fields or claculated fields based on the three source files in the relationship I expected these to be populated when a primary key field was entered.   This works partially as the other two link fields are immediately displayed with one other linked field (fig 2).  This state remains on movig from the record and returning or applying a refresh script.   However if i go to manage database do nothing but click OK and return to the created record it displays the information I expected (fig 3).


I would appreciate any help in understanding and resolving this.  Thanks in anticipation.   In the meantime i will return to trying other ways.



Fig1 - Relationship Graph


Inital Creation.png

Figure 2 - Initial record with three link fields populated and one other field sales price from the Sales Items file.


After OK in Database Management.png

Fig 3 - Fields correctly populated after visit to data base.  Date required should be populated but only on creation which is why it is balnk.