Freeze Window script step - different behavior on OS X and Windows

Discussion created by wintertj on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2015 by mikebeargie

It is possible I've had to much coffee, but it looks like there is a difference in the way FileMaker 13 handles Freeze Window script step when a script with Freeze Window in effect calls a sub script that moves to a different layout on Mac vs. Windows.


i've got a script takes a while to run because it jumps around to many layouts, calls a child script that goes into a loop that resizes zero to many images in containers on child rows to multiple thumbnail sizes and sends each to a web server via FTP, etc.  To hide all this activity from the user, I put in a Freeze Window and made sure nothing in any of the child scripts refreshes the window. Works great in OS X 10.10.


Now, running the exact same fmp12 file on Windows 8.1, the window stays frozen as long as the layout change is triggered in the parent script, but when it gets to a called script that changes layouts, even though the calling script has a Freeze Window in effect, it just kind of ignores that fact and unfreezes the window and displays the layout specified in the called child script. So, I put in a Freeze Window in the child (called) script and now the window stays frozen through out the duration of the script in Windows and OS X both.