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GTRR vs Go To Layout

Question asked by njem on Feb 4, 2015
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An issue I have open in another thread reminded me to ask something I've been intending to for a while. When is it advantageous to use GTRR vs Go To Layout? I think I've used GTRR once or twice when some peculiar situation forced it, though I can't even remember why, but virtually all I've done in FM has been with GTL, not GTRR.


I'll make table instances, create relationships between them, make layouts based on those instances. Then in scripts I'll got to layout A, find a record, got to related layout B to do stuff to the related records. Layout B is already limited to just the one or more related records by its relationship to A. Doing things that way I've done every common db function without GTRR.


So is it just certain circumstances that GTRR can work where GTL can't because GTRR has parameters that give it flexibility? In circumstances where GTL can work is it six of one, half dozen of the other which way you do it? As seems to be the case?