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Is it possible to disable the popover animation...and where's the finger?

Question asked by jgalt on Feb 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by ibrahim_bittar

For the love of Steve Jobs, how can I disable the popover animation without being forced to create standard buttons to opening them?


I found the popover animation entertaining for about two minutes after seeing it for the first time. Now it's driving me and the users nuts. The animation slows things down too much. A quick fade in would be much better than the zooming effect.


Other popover issues...


Why no "show finger" on rollover option? From what I read it sounded like not including this in the initial release was an oversight. If this is true, where is the update that fixes this oversight? Isn't a year enough time to fix something like this?


When I open a popover that contains a scrollable portal there is a screen redraw glitch as it zooms open. Does anyone have a fix this?



Popovers in portals that can contain another portal.