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      While working in list view I found that header pane freezes on scrolling window bar but in form view it does not freezes the header pane. It there any setting to do to freeze header pane in form view also.


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          nope, that's just the difference between a list view and a form view. A form is only designed to show one record at a time, so the entire layout is joined together as a form. A list view is designed to accommodate as many records as a filemaker table can store, so the "wrapper" is locked, while the "body" scrolls completely up and down.


          As an alternative, you could make a list view with a very tall body part, and limit your found set to one record at a time. That would achieve the locking behavior you are looking for, but would require many layout script triggers and possibly virtual lists to handle record changes.

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            Another alternative, if you've got a lot of form/detail data per record that you'd like to be able to scroll in form view while leaving a header area fixed, is to use a web viewer with a data URI. Particularly if the record data is read-only, then this is relatively simple (a bit of straightforward html plus, probably, some css styling). Even editable forms are now possible as of FM 13.0v2, although clearly more work.