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    Authentication failed on server


      I have seen a couple of other threads on this but wanted to raise it again as my set up is really simple and I do not understand why I am getting the - Client "xyz" (Machine Name) [ip address] authentication failed on database "dbname.fp12" using "xyz[fmapp]" - error message in the log.


      On the other threads it seems like this can be caused by a number of things such as using external account authentication, using a local "launcher" file that passes credentials on or leaving auto open using a particular account on the file.


      Non of these apply to my situation. The file does not have any auto open settings and is using FM users for authentication only. The user name and password is correct and the connection is showing on the server as being open with the account that the log says failed to authenticate.


      Is this actually a bug to ignore, or do I need to change something else?


      Thanks in advance for any ideas.


      John Wilson

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          There's really only one explanation: someone attempted to open the file with that account but with the wrong pw for that account.

          Could be someone mistyping, or another file trying to pull open "dbname.fmp12"

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            I am opening the file through open remote and browsing to the server and file. I am using my account, getting the password correct and being given access to the file without re-prompting.


            The server shows me connected with my machine name and account as per the account name I used (not switched to admin or similar) but every time I open the file the server logs the authentication error.



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              I bet your file is set to login as admin upon open as this is the default behavior for files. You can change this behavior under file options.

              I think think you can do it while the file is open on server 

              Look for it under file menu-> file options

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                It sounds like you've been very thorough in your investigation.  This file doesn't open a related file, right?  Is this happening only for this one account or all accounts?  The problems is isolated to this one file?

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                  Hey John,


                  I had a file that was exhibiting JUST this behavior and the answer was in the file reference to a related file in the "on open" script.


                  I'd left one file reference as a relative path in that script, from back in the day when the two files in question were only being used on one machine-




                  But when I moved it to Server hadn't changed it to




                  Got the exact error, too. Scratched my head for QUITE awhile since I'd definitely changed the file references in the file itself - but not the startup script. Oddly enough desktop clients never saw the error, only the iOs users.


                  Hope this helps, best!



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                    There are related files that this file is accessing so this could be the issue, however I find that the server reports each files authentication - so when you open this one, the other two open and the authentication fails on them too. I noticed that one of them still has an Admin user so will try without it, but the system should show authentication OK on the main file with a fail on the other one.

                    At this stage there are bigger issues though, the new server install on Yosemite seems very unstable, with users being locked out and the whole server freezing up. We have to keep restarting it. So need to solve that more urgently!

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                      No - I have checked this. Thanks for the interest though

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                        I had a similar problem with a FileMaker server on Windows. If you are not on Windows, please ignore this post


                        Me and the Network Administrator spent long time trying to resolve it and did not find out what the problem was. The main thing is that the system worked absolutely fine when we moved files to a different server. Net Admin ended up building a new Windows VM, installing FileMaker Server and moving system there. Since then, they never had a problem again


                        As I said this is not the solution, but something you can try, just to exclude the corruption in the files.

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                          Same Problem here. I'm on a dedicated developer license server running on Mac Mini with Yosemite 10.10.2 connecting from another Mac.

                          No opener file, file is configured to not to log in with any user or password, no external data sources in the file, just using open remote.

                          To test this:

                              Do the open remote and do not log in yet, then refresh the admin console ( needs to happen ) and the error pops in before any login by the user input is attempted!!!



                          Same errors, account name that shows in error log is dependent on Filemaker preferences "General > User Name".

                          It seams like the client tries to log in first with that account and blank password maybe.

                          Possible solution:

                          Could it depend on any previously saved logins in the Mac Keychain?

                          Possibly, I just went to the Key Chain Access and deleted all passwords stored for filemaker files and NO ERRORS anymore!

                          Can't comfirm this was the issue, maybe it's a filemaker bug or the way OSX handles stuff but I'm quite confident THIS IS IT.

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                            And write those passwords down before you delete them! In case you haven't already.

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                              I have been looking for this for a long time. Thanks. This was our exact problem, finally solved.