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Record Security Restrictions Break Relationships

Question asked by cdrit on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2015 by matthew_odell

I've got two tables. Employees and MBO. The MBO table is related to the Employees table by a simple employee id number. When a new MBO record is created for an employee, it's foreign key is populated with the employee id for which it was created. There is a portal on the Employee records which shows the corresponding MBO records.


Each Employee record has a "Reports To" field which specifies the employee id of the person that supervises them. Each MBO record has a calculation field ("Reports To") that evaluates to "Employees:Reports To". View/edit access to both Employee records and MBO records is restricted so that users can only see records if they are their own or if they are the supervisor listed on the record.


Everything works correctly when the user has full access.


When the access restrictions are enabled, they prevent access in exactly the way you expect them to. The part that isn't working, is that with the record restrictions turned on, the portals showing MBO records on Employee records no longer work. They're empty. Additionally, the "MBO:Reports To" calculation field no longer evaluates. It's blank. This is puzzling because even though the field is blank, the calculations fueling the MBO record view/edit restrictions still works (Reports To = $$userIndex or Windows AD Name = Get ( AccountName )).


I've played around with this a lot now and have googled a fair bit, but I'm coming up empty handed. Any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated.