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    Runtime, one App icon for several filemaker files ?




      I plan to do a runtime solution with 1 main files, and 2 data files. But i'd like to have only one icon, so moving the solution around would be done by simply moving the app icon.

      I thought, runtime would produce an app package, with other fmp12 filemaker file inside the app icon.


      But using developper utilities, I get 3 files. One looking like an app, + the 2 fmp12 files at the same level.


      Am I missing something, can we get one incon for several files solutions ?




      I'm using FMPa 13 + Mac OS X Yosemite.

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          The app is the FileMaker runtime engine. It works to access the fmp12 when the user doesn't have Filemaker installed on their system. To move the solution the user will need the entire solution folder including the runtime app, the Filemaker files, and the additional folders and files created when the runtime is compiled.

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            Ok, that's what I feared, you're telling me that there's no way to have the 2 other fmp12 files, INSIDE, the app icon.

            So basically, a filemaker runtime solution is a a bunch of files, and not a nice icon lie regular app are.

            Too bad, this make the solution clunky.


            On Mac, application icon are like a special folder, in which theres subfolders hidden. I wished we could do the same.

            But thanks to your quick reply Todd, it saved me a lot of time

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              It is even worse on Windows. There are tons of .dll files in the same folder as the solution. I can see why though. Creating a runtime version isn't creating an app of your solution. It is providing a stripped down version of FileMaker to open your data files.

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                Many commercial application have many required files needed for full functionality, and they aren't always in the application package. Seems to me that is what the Applications folder (Mac), and Program Files folder (Win) are for. They hold applications, and allow users to drag the application icon anywhere it is desired, as an alias/shortcut, even to the Dock/Start Bar. I have developed several Runtime solutions that I've deployed to both platforms. Using the capabilities of both OS users have been able to put the application icon wherever it makes sense to them.


                On the Mac at least, the developer can even change the look of the .app file icon. So, their Runtime application presents a more polished, professional look. Find the graphic/logo icon being used on application layouts and copy it to the clipboard. Select the .app file (don't open it) and Get Info. In the Get Info window, select the icon in the upper left corner. Paste the saved graphic/icon from the clipboard.