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Format date field in delimited data chart

Question asked by madmike6537 on Feb 5, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2015 by madmike6537

Hi All,


I have a chart that I am using delimited data to populate using the Execute SQL function. The problem I have is the date is always formatted as: yyyy-mm-dd


I would like it to be dd-mm-yyyy


I cant seem to change it though. There is a built in dropdown in the chart that allows me to change it to "date" but when I do, my data turns into question marks. "?"


The field I am pulling data from via executeSQL is a date field. Should I try to convert it into a date again in the calculation or something? The calculation says the data returned must be "text".


Here is the SQL statement:


ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT DISTINCT Reading_Date FROM MATERIAL_READING WHERE \"_Room_KF\" = ? ORDER BY Reading_Date"; ""; ""; level_ROOM::_Room_PK)


Thanks in advance.