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Hiding, obscuring data in a field based on criteria

Question asked by Tom_Droz on Feb 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by Tom_Droz

I am using FM12Adv.  I have a phone field that I want only want some users to see.  I have a condition that when meet does 2 things


1) Changes the fill color, text color and text size to 250 pt

2) When entering the field it fires a script trigger that moves you to another field.


This works as intended UNLESS the user clicks the mouse and holds it in the field.  While the mouse is pressed the script trigger and the conditional format do not fire, revealing the data.


Is there another fix to this?  I also tried the reverse where the normal state is invisible and the conditions reveal it, that prevents see the data when entering for the same reasons.


Thanks for any insight



PS I can no longer post or reply on this form if using IE!!!