[ANN] A JavaScript Approach to Custom Web Publishing (open source)

Discussion created by JohnSindelar on Feb 6, 2015
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As we prepare to get DayBack Calendar running in a browser, we need a lightweight way to manipulate data in FileMaker Server from the web.


Introducing fmxj - a new, open source JavaScript library created by SeedCode's Jason Young for building and posting queries to FileMaker Server and converting the results to JavaScript objects in a JSON format.


The library lets each client's browser do most of the work, taxing your server as little as possible; this also means there is almost nothing to install and maintain on your machine.


You'll find more details about the project and links to working examples here or you can download (or fork) the library and demos from GitHub. We hope this makes your web publishing projects a little easier =)


Project details, goals, and comments:

Live demo:

Source: seedcode/fmxj · GitHub