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    Get Account List


      I know that I can get the current name of the logged-in filemaker user with Get (AccountName)


      I am looking for a way to get a list of ALL accounts. It this even possible by script?


      I am looking at tabulating some statistics on users inside the solution, and each record has a field populated with with Get (AccountName) upon creation.


      I know that I can maintain a separate table of accounts, but I would LIKE it if I did not have to update it each time...





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          Unfortunately, there is nothing in FileMaker client to get the list of the accounts from a file. There was a suggestion from Steven H. Blackwell to use a functionality on the server:

          Getting the Current Logged-in User List - FileMaker Server 11 - FMForums


          Potentially you can trigger this through the network and get the output into Filemaker client. This does look like quit a bit of work, having a user list in a table could be an easier solution.

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            What problem would it solve?


            You can easily create a list of logged-in users as users log in and out.  But are you after the full list of all accounts that exist?

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              I am after a full list of accounts (including inactive) for historical reporting. There are a significant number of accounts over that last 10 years, a many of which are now inactive.


              I guess that I am going to have to bite the bullet and manually create a TO with all historical users and add a step to login to add any new users going forward. It also means that I have to manually curate the list when a user is made inactive or changes privilege sets.


              Not the end of the world.

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                Yes but it does not give you a potential security vulnerability.   i.e. an account that has been created but not yet used.   It'd be nice to close this security threat before it occurs.    Take for example a new employee is hired, account is created,  employee is let go before accessing filemaker, but the account is still there.  If you've scripted account management like lots of us have, there are times when an account fails to get removed and it would be nice to query see what accounts are active, compare it to employee list and disable accounts that should be inactive all without some human having to go into filemaker security and have someone manually do that. 

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                  You can get a list of accounts via Design Report.

                  See this article for bringing the list into filemaker.
                  It's not an ideal work around but it's one solution




                  Creating User Records from Accounts in FileMaker