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    Open Container Content




      The following script step usually opens the container content.

      Go to Field (Select/Perform, Field name)


      This is not the case if the container content is "stored externally"


      Is there any way to know if the file has opened or not.

      I tried the "get ( LastError )" , but there was no error (error = 0)


      Thank you

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          Stephen Huston

          That script step is intended to select content or run something (like a video). These are executed within the container field, not by opening the container data file elsewhere. What are you trying to make happen, with what type of container data?

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            This method works with containers that:

            - does not display the content

            - does not have the data stored externally (must be stored as reference only)


            So you can open any type of document: Microsoft. Pdf. Even executable files


            but the problem is that I can not know if the file is opened or not.

            in other word , if the file is not opened (like in the conditions listed above), i must take another action

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              I just solved my issue

              Needed a little bit of logic. But this is the problem of working at the end of the night


              I will set a text field during the file insertion that identifies the type of insertion and on which i will hase my future scripts (like when i want to reopen my file)

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                Benjamin Fehr

                I wonder if this might be related to your solution and might be helpful:

                new with FMP13(?) is the

                GetContainerAttribute ( Table::Field; "all" )


                There are several different attribute like "all" and "externalFiles" for file-path

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                  Great option.

                  It will be possible to extract any data you want.