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Execute SQL - Comparing Strings with =

Question asked by madmike6537 on Feb 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2015 by wimdecorte

Sorry for all the SQL questions lately, I have a simple one and I just cant figure it out. I have a field that stores the name of a color selected from a value list like Blue, Green, Yellow, ect.


I am trying to do some conditioning formatting based on an SQL statement. In my statement, I check what the value of the ColorCode field is for a specific technicians name - but its returning ALL the colors instead of just one. Here is a slimmed down version of the statement that is causing the error:


ExecuteSQL("SELECT ColorCode FROM STAFF WHERE Staff_Name = ?"; ""; ""; STAFF::Staff_Name)


No matter what I put as the parameter, it returns all the possible colors. I can even just put a letter "a" as the parameter and it returns all the colors.


It seems to me there is an issue with trying to compare strings using = , but when I checked W3 site on SQL it seems this should work fine. What am I missing?