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    UAC-Conflict when writing Data's in Windows C:/Programs(x86)/

    Benjamin Fehr

      Some of us (guess who?!) are writing data's and resources for any FMP or Runtime solution on Windows in C:/Programs(x86)/

      Problems started out seldom with Vista and constantly with Win 7, when Microsoft changed rules and restrictions for UserAccessControll - UAC.

      I have a installer which runs a VB-Script at the end to set entire folder, subfolders and files to 'no write protection' AND All-Access for all Users & Groups:

      echo change permissions for %~1

      icacls "%~1" /T /grant *S-1-1-0:F > "%~1\setperm.log"


      This is a script I ordered from another company. It serves well, mostly. When I run into trouble with this, I'm lost since I have no knowledge about VB-Script at all.

      FMI obviously knows how to deal with this: When installing FMP, the FMP-installer writes files into same path, but, as I assume, runs any Shell-Script at the end, whatever, to deal with UAC. Though whatever you do with changing data's inside the FileMaker folder will never cause any UAC-Conflicts or arbitrary writing protections.

      Does anybody know how they do?


      PS: some might call this the wrong path to write data's, but this mistake is set way back with Windows XP and I can't go back.