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    Fraudulent Fools


      After trying to be understanding for a long time i have given up.

      I really want to inform others about a company that should be ashamed of its service.


      Worlcloud is misleading users and wasting their time and money.

      I believe it is a one mans operation by a guy called Joe King.

      They or he don't pick up the phone,

      They don't call you back

      They never respond to service tickets

      They don't maintain their website

      and worse of all.....


      They shut down servers without notice. (I lost valuable data)

      This is a fraudulent and criminal company!


      Take your precautions.

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          The name Joe King is a warning, surely. Joking?

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            I've worked with (and personally met) Joe. He's a good intentioned person that relies on colo server space for the products he offers. I would say it's a stretch to call it fraud or criminal.


            It is definitely a case of "you get what you pay for", and a shared server for $12/month is the cheap side for FM hosting.


            When I did have clients hosting on his service, there were notably more outages than other providers I've used since then (even a drastic 48 hour outage during a migration). But to offer the prices he offers, he is relying on other larger server providers. I would say he's more of a middle-man.


            If it's true that you lost "valuable data", then it's partially your own fault. I would never host "valuable" data on a third party hosting service without a rock solid backup plan to another offsite service.


            It sounds like you've learned some lessons the hard way, but I find it hard to swallow as criminal or fraudulent activity.

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              Oops! Looks like I was wrong about the name, eh? Sorry, Joe.

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                He’s had a booth that he self-mans at devcon for as long as I can remember (at least four years), even parked a corvette or something in the room last year (not that I’m knocking his style).


                Considering I’ve been waiting 1.5 months for a lasso host (falcon internet) to add a site to a client’s account, world cloud is far from the only small operation that is not deeply manned in the support department.

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                  He's been really helpful to me in the forums, though I haven't used his services yet.

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                    Have a look at our services if you're looking for an alternative provider:




                    We have been providing professional FileMaker hosting for over 16 years, and compete on quality instead of price.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions either here or off-list to jmay(at)pointinspace.com.


                    - John

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                      They really have a problem. Servers work intermittently. Support does not respond to letters and requests. I paid subscription license - did not get a license, no links, no answers. Money just went into space. I got a couple of letters from Joe, but the letter - it is not a solution. I wonder, is there any chance to get the money back? I do not want to come to their office - I live in another country.

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                        In America, when we don't get services we paid for, usually we talk to our bank and order a "stop payment", to reverse the funds back into our account. Not sure how international banking works but I'm sure there is something similar.


                        Not sure what you're talking about with a "subscription license", he has some SaaS versions of filemaker, but that just gets you terminal access to use filemaker, not your own license to install yourself.

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                          Our bank work exactly the same. Payment system (MC) is international, so there is no difference. Another thing that I planned to develop a DBnot disputes with hoster or the bank. I paid for "FileMaker Pro Annual License (5-user)". In any case — I have not received any licenses, or access to the terminal, or nothing. When I wrote about this Joe, he promised to send me a link to the Dropboхhonestly, I took it as a joke.