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Using Conditional Formatting To Make Text Transparent

Question asked by richardsrussell on Feb 7, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2015 by StephenWonfor

So I've got this layout that's supposed to double as either an invoice (showing prices) or a packing slip (no prices visible), depending on whether I set the global field "Printing Type" to "invoice" or "packing slip". The fields that would show quantity, price, units, taxability, and cost were all set via conditional formatting to have text color white if "packing slip" were selected. Worked great.


Then the client wanted every other line to have a light gray background for better readability. Again, easily done. Just set the part definition to "Use alternate row state".


Unintended consequence: Now the supposedly invisible white text actually shows up against the pale gray background. It's nowhere near a stark contrast, but it's noticeable, more so if the page is captured in PDF format.


No prob, I figured, I'll just use conditional formatting to set the text color to transparent instead of white. Alas, no go. It's still white against the shaded background. What can I do to make the text color actually transparent, so it goes away altogether no matter WHAT the background color is?


Related question: I also want to make the "taxable" checkbox disappear on the packing slip, but "Conditional Formatting" apparently only allows me to adjust text color and background color, not line color. Is there any way to get the checkboxes to vanish?