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    FileMaker Go 13 > Container bug


      When I take a photo from a container field on iPad, sometimes it is not inserted into the container.

      Sometimes it works, but it fails over 50%.

      I've tested it in my office intranet. I think it is not caused by the network.

      And I've tested on Windows Server, it works fine.


      Environment 1 : FileMaker Server 13 on Mac OSX Yosemite + FileMaker Go 13

      Environment 2 : FileMaker Server 13 on Windows 2008 Server R2 + FileMaker Go 13.


      Hope this will be fixed soon.

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          I haven't seen this bug, but I have seen a bug related to taking picture using Go.


          Make sure your container field is selected before you insert a picture into the container, you might add a go to field script step before your insert from device script step.  Field entry has to be allow on the container field.   I had created a new container field and the field entry box was unchecked (I didn't realize), so field entry was not allowed, I took a picture and then the container would be blank.   I search all day for this problem.  


          The bug I have seen and reported and FM claims they can not reproduced is as follows:

          I have a container field and a button to insert from device using the camera.

          Take a picture with this button, and then click use and the picture will be inserted into the container, immediately on the same record try to take a picture again to replace the current picture, the camera viewer will be black, you can still make picture, but you can not see what you are taking a picture of.  This occurs about every other time that you try taking a picture to the same container.   I test on a iPad3, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 and I get the same results each time, and I also tested with different databases.

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            Thank you schamblee.


            But I did not using any script button to taking picture. I just click the container and choose take a picture that FM GO shows.

            And I tested with FM GO Startup solution database file.


            What kind of OS do you use for the FileMaker Server?

            I think this bug is related with FileMaker Server version of OSX.


            Windows Server is fine for me, but my client will use Mac Mini.

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              FMS13 on Windows 8, but I haven't really tested connecting to FMS just testing on local database on the device.  I watch all the FMI forum and I have not seen any post with an issue about the container not storing the photos.


              Is it the same database being tested on both server?  If it is a different database then file corruption could cause the problem you are describing.  Run recover on the database to check for file corruption.  Test another sample database.   I don't think it has to do with the Mac Mini server.  I'm sure Filemaker would jump on that issue since they are owned by Apple.  I don't use a Mac Mini but I have read several post from users on these forum and everything I have read has been positive.

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                Thanks schamblee.


                I will update my Mac Mini to 10.10.2 and try again.


                I believe FileMaker would make their software better on OS X than Windows.

                For example, a container makes preview image of PDF only on the OS X.

                So it's hard to accept this bug is only in OS X.


                After upgrading OS X, I will let you know.

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                  After update to 10.10.2, it seems o.k.


                  I'm not sure this update fix it or reboot during the update fix it.

                  Anyway it seems O.K now.