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Merge Container PDFs with Generated PDFs

Question asked by davidjhayden on Feb 10, 2015

We have a client who is collecting online grant applications through a MySQL/PHP interface, including a series of supporting PDF documents.  Those applications are then imported as field data into their FM database, and the supporting documents are brought into container fields.  Once they've processed the applications they need a single concatenated PDF that includes a formatted PDF generated from a FM layout, with the PDFs from the containers added at the end.  In a perfect world, the user triggers a script, and FM generates the full PDF, attaches it to an email, and sends it.


I can do part of this (but in the wrong order, and with only one attachment) by exporting the fields contents into the temp directory and then generating the pdf from FM and inserting.  Has anyone found a way to insert PDFs from a container into a PDF on the HD?  Plug-ins acceptable if necessary.