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    Test for color blindness


      Does anyone have a good example file to test for color blindness?


      We are using subtle background colors on certain fields depending on the perspective of the user (project leader, researcher, etc) and I would like to test how subtle we can be or when it all ends up in a grey soup.


      I don't need to test if the user is colorblind, I want to test with colorblind users if differences in colors are lost to such users or how much contrast we would need.

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          Just load this into a webviewer:

          Instructions | EnChroma


          simple and pleasant looking, and at the end you could scrape the result back into filemaker.

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            hello Mike,


            yes, I know that one, but I already now some users are colorblind, but I want to test adjacant fields with different background colors and see what still works.

            I can quickly make one, just thought I would be re-inventing a wheel here.

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              As a color blind developer (Primarily red green),  I find that putting two fields next to each other with either different shades of red or green as the highlight or red in one and green in the other frequently results in all of them looking like they have the same highlight.


              As my wife would say I'm color challenged.  So a couple of things that might help you.


              Don't use different shades of red or green.

              Use either a red or a green, not both.


              Attached is the Apple color chart from FileMaker's color selection.  As I look at it:


              Black :  No problem

              Blue: No problem

              Brown, Red,Green, Orange look similar.  Without the labels I probably couldn't name them.

              Magenta, Cyan are very similar

              Yellow and Green are close as well.  I find that when I'm skiing, there are coats and pants that are either a very bright yellow or Green.  My Wife says green, I say yellow.  If could put a Yellow and a Green next to each other they would look the same to me.


              The catch is that color blindness like this varies a good deal between people.  It comes down to the number of active receptors in the eye.  It tends to be a primarily a male issue.  Women can be color blind, but when they are the world is really gray scale.



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                You can contact me directly at RichardSRussell@tds.net, and I'll e-mail you a file I've developed with a bunch of color swatches in it, to make it relatively easy to pick out the ones you want to compare.

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                  Thanks all for the feedback, I will post my experiences.

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                    I promised results on  these tests.

                    These may vary on a person-by-person basis as there are degress of color blindness, so on the horizontal axis of the standard color palettes it may be hard to see differences, but on the vertical axis (intensity within the same color column) the difference becomes clearer.


                    So e.g. if you have green and red adjacent fields, make sure you also make a jump in the vertical axis.

                    When the green is 3rd field from the bottom, the adjacent red should be either 2nd or 4th from the bottom.

                    This nuance will be picked up in most cases.



                    Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 15.12.34.jpg