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Deployment Question, Remote FMS 13 server in the east cost vs west cost ?

Question asked by ayescas on Feb 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2015 by thebridge



We are located in the west cost, Los Angeles and we looking at setting up a dedicated FMS in North Carolina. 


I understand there are many great hosting companies in the west coast, but we are very happy with our hosting company and want to stay with them.  So far, we’ve been using import/exports between our local system and the remote system and now want to move to a single system, which will be located in North Carolina.


The system is complex with portals and lots of triggers and reports, but we are minimizing the layout objects and taking other steps to improve performance.


I’m concern with data transmission from point A to B and how many hops the data has to go thru resulting in downtime or slowness.




Do you see this being a big performance issue?


Any positive or negative experience with solutions being hosted so far away?


Should I do my testing as if it was on DSL or slower (Network Link Conditioner)?



Thank you.