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How to count unique values of a field with multiple values?

Question asked by openspace on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by gremlin9297

I have two tables:


Donation Request Table >--Donation Table


The donation request table contains a list of contacts that have made a donation request, each donation request is linked to one donation, and multiple donation requests can be linked to one donation. In other words multiple contacts can make one donation.


Donation Request Table

ID1     Ezra

ID2     Tyler

ID3     Jacq

(3 donors)


Donations Table

ID1    EzraTyler

ID2    Jacq

(3 donors, 2 donations)


How do I count the number of unique donors, while on a layout in the donations table? So far I have been able to count the total number of donors in the donation request table and then use that value in the donations layout, but the disadvantage is that is is not a dynamic count of the visible records on screen, rather a static total.