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Calculated field: what does trigger recalculation ?

Question asked by planteg on Feb 11, 2015
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I have an issue with a report, and found out this morning that calculations are not updated when values get changed. In fact, it looks like the fields were calculated only once.


This reports use the method for Cross Tab reports using a virtual table.


Here is what the table looks like in part:


The WeekDate, RowDataProj and RowDataCDE are the main fields on which other depends. They are calculated on three global variables.


Thing is, when these global variable change, these three fields do not change, they are not recalculated . So I wonder what triggers the recalculation of calculation fields. I thought that could be because a Layout based on that table was not active, so I moved my Go to Layout script step right at the top, but that didn't change the values.


What am I doing wrong ? The value of these global variables are set by scripts that call Execute SQL(), and using the Data Viewer, I see that the contents gets changed.


I just don't understand what's going on.