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    Multi column predicate


      Hi All,

      I could only find one previous post that didn't explain it for me so here it is.


      It's a batch process aimed at creating a daily list of PO's per SUPPLIER to send out. Items are always sorted by supplier_id. All items without list_id are given a newly created list_id, then after gathering SQL DISTINCT on item supplier_id, new PO for each supplier_id with the list_id is created. The process is semi-transactional because a commit has to happen for the SQL part.


      The question:

      Is using a multi key predicate for the relationships this way instead of assigning the ITEMS a parent PO_id a good or bad idea?

      At the moment the relations sort themselves automatically. For other reasons I need to show data only in List View , po unique is used as PO# for reference and has meaning ( list_id-supplier_id ).

      Can anyone spot any potential pitfalls maybe.

      Any comments are appreciated.

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          Don't want to be rude, but some of us that come here to give a helping hand after work, a time frame in which we solved something like 22.3 client problems in a day (according to our own ticketing system/me) are better used when exposed to REAL problems. On POTENTIAL problems I will kinda pass. Sorry. I really hope you understand the frame, and I really hope that this will serve as a future filter for other posters, sorry if I picked up you as primary target.

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            No offense taken, I'm not sitting around answering other people's posts like I've got nothing better to do either.

            Actually I think you're right on the money and probably it's the best answer I could hope for.

            And trust me, I'm not being sarcastic. But hey, how doe they say? "if you don't ask..."

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              really sorry mate, you're right, to ask is never wrong, for me it's frustrating not being able to allocate resources to investigate your concerns at max depth. I'd really wish I could. in 15 years from now, at retirement, I promise I will !


              But for now I sense an increasing RTFM issue on this forum; having experienced tons of them in the last decades, I just spread fingers forward and it happened to detonate at your extremely decent post.


              I wish I were paid in time instead of money.


              Sorry again !

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                Really, nothing to worry. Fair is faire to give the answer you feel is right or due. It really helped put my own question in the right perspective. Feedback, critical or positive. I rather have yours than utter silence.

                Anyway, we're getting off-topic.

                I should start a new discussion "how to remove a post from discussions" because it really is an unanswerable question. LOL.

                We draw swords some other time...