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Discussion created by User795 on Feb 13, 2015

After 8 years of providing FileMaker based vertical market applications for K-12 education, our company is focusing on new avenues for servicing the K-12 market.   As a result we have three mature FileMaker applications, all updated to version 12 that we are offering as a new business opportunity for an existing FileMaker house,  new entrepreneur, or K-12 institution.  More about these solutions can be found at .   We are willing to work under various agreements such as:


  • Purchasing all rights and the book of business with a given product.
  • Purchasing exclusive/regional rights to the application for re-branding
  • Purchasing the rights to use within existing applications.
  • Purchasing by K-12 institutions as is and to be opened for internal modifications.


If you have another creative offer we would be willing to listen.  All of the products use the separation model, are well commented within the scripts and should be easy to pull apart and modify for your own needs. These are large scale client server applications with thousands of hours of development invested in them.  With regards to the personnel system (PeopleWerks) we would like to continue that product internally but are open to some unique partnership/revenue sharing models on it.


If you are interested, please contact me off-list/forum at the number or e-mail below.   We can discuss or provide you with a specification sheet.  If there is mutual interest and you represent a company or are an independent developer we can work up an NDA that would allow us to show you more of the product(s).



Todd Stark, CEO

DataWerks Limited

Toll Free  (877) 776-1188 x1001

Direct  (614) 300-2931