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Where are theme images stored for editing purposes

Question asked by boxerdog on Feb 14, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by pgsdesign

I am editing a theme (FileMaker Pro Advanced 13.0V5) to bring it in line with our company brand.

I want to keep the look and feel of the theme (Oceana) but make adjustments to the colours used.

The background is an image - repeated. I could just replace the image with a solid colour but I prefer the effect of the image. Just need to change the tone.

The Leading Grand Summary and Leading Sub-summary both use sliced images.

I can build the image files in Photoshop but need to get the specifications of the current images.

I have tried to guess at the dimensions but would rather have an understanding of best practice in creating images for themes.

Any advise would be appreciated.