Filemaker API for Ruby vs Filemaker API for PHP

Discussion created by binu.alexander on Feb 14, 2015
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I am a relatively new Filemaker Developer and plan to use it for building custom solutions as a career .

I know how PHP is used quite commonly with the API for Filemaker to build CWP websites for use with filemaker server .


I do not know PHP but am planning to learn it soon .


Based on the  post Update to Rfm (FileMaker - Ruby adapter)


I see that Ruby and ROR can be used to develop websites that interact with filemaker server .



  1. Is learning Ruby instead of PHP a good idea ?  Especially when I know that I may need to use Ruby and ROR   for some of my other  non filemaker work ?
  2. Will Ruby  be supported by Filemaker Server in future editions ?
  3. Is there any reason building a PHP based site as front end for filemaker  server databases   is better in the long run ?


Any insight into this will be really valuable .