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Updating a db from another db: frustrations

Question asked by planteg on Feb 15, 2015
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today I updated a production database with modifications that were on a copy. I needed to copy a table and a few scripts over the existing one. That part was easy... and then the report was failing all the way .


For those who never attempted that, a lot of things happen behind the scene. Say for example you want to replace Table_1: in the source db you copy Table_1 and in the destination db you paste Table_1. In the destination db, now you get two Table_1 so you rename the old one in Table_1___OLD. The same for the scripts. But when you rename the old Table_1, FM is nice to you and don't want things to be broken, so everywhere it find Table_1, it replaces it with Table_1____OLD. Result: all of the scripts are wrong, and the report uses fields from the wrong table.


Is there some way to copy OVER an existing table of script and avoid the renaming thing ?


Thanks a million


Gilles Plante