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Huge slow down on import, FM 13 Adv

Question asked by siplus on Feb 20, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2015 by mbraendle

I am importing 86'000 records (no lookup/autoenter checked) and after a speedy start, Filemaker Advanced 13.0v5 begins to crawl, stopping the count for as long as 30 seconds, then restarting, stopping again and so on. CPU usage is very low; no Time machine backups are running, the HD has plenty of space, there's no network traffic as everything is happening locally (source and dest databases are on my HD, which has no directory problems), OS is Yose 10.10.2.


What I've noticed in Activity Monitor is a big number in "Idle wake ups". When the number goes down to 40-80, Filemaker is speeding. But suddenly the number goes up to 1700-2000 and it sits.


Any clues about what is happening and why ?