PDF Interactive Finally Works in 12

Discussion created by disabled_jackrodgers on Feb 19, 2015
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While working on a new PDF file for a client, the interactive container began opening the file in an external Adobe Acrobat window. It used to work fine. A little research seems to indicate the FileMaker is changing the way the PDFs work.


However, today I created a new Account in Windows and before the Interactive PDF container field would work, I had to locate Acrobat Reader and open it manually. Doing so brought up a form of install dialog. After that, the interactive pdf containers worked perfectly. Just as they should.


Background, some months ago I signed up for Adobe's monthly plan and then discontinued it after a bit.


Now it is my belief from the recent past that both Adobe and FileMaker are utilizing the services of a 3rd party to install at root level this app that checks for serial numbers, dates on the demos, and such. So I wonder if both FileMaker and Adobe aren't having issues caused by that 3rd party 'malware' app?


This also returns to my admonishment as a consultant for 25 years to backup, reformat and install everything new with a system upgrade. When I did that I had far fewer problems than people who did not. However, the Internet installs make it difficult to do this and leave behind a lot of garbage that would have been erased when following my recommendation.


I mention this in case someone is having problems with interactive PDFs, etc.


Maybe this is a good reason to buy a new iMac 27 so I can start with a fresh system?