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    FDS Subscription Renewal not Renewing


      I renewed my FileMaker Developer Subscription last Monday (Feb 12 2015). However when I go in the the Access Benefits section its showing that my 'Subscription expires on 02/16/2015' and as such my subscription has not renewed. Can someone at FileMaker please look into this for me. I have the order number if this is needed.


      I was prompted by an Email from FileMaker stating that... 'Your FileMaker Developer Subscription Has Expired'. I followed this link FileMaker Store: in the email to renew. I suspect I should have renewed via the 'Renew Now' link in the on my Developer account, but no mention of this was made in the reminder email. If this is the reason then the email should say something along the lines of 'renew from your account'. Or even better, provide a link to our respective accounts to renew.