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Display count of item next to the items in a value list

Question asked by jsheller on Feb 20, 2015
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I have a value list that is being used to filter a portal that allows me to see what courses a professor taught in a chosen semester. As an example, when I choose "Fall 2013-2014" in the value list, it filters the portal to only show courses from the Fall 2013 semester taught by the professor I am currently browsing.


What I would like to do is display the count of courses next to the semester so I can see how many courses were taught by the professor in the semester before I choose it. Something like:


Fall 2013-2014 (2)

Spring 2013-2014 (3)

Fall 2014-2015 (1)

Spring 2014-2015 (3)


Here is what I have done:

I have two tables: Faculty and Course. They are related using a key field (FacID) to link the faculty to the course they taught. I have already set up a summary field in the Course table (CourseCount) to count the ID number of the courses (CourseID). I use a portal in the Faculty layout to see the courses from the Course table linked to that professor. I added a drop-down menu outside the portal that is used to filter the portal. This all works without a hitch.

The value list of the drop-down menu uses the values from the Semester field in the Course table. It is told to only show related values from the Faculty table. This is fine as it eliminates the options that have zero courses. However, when I try to display values from a second field CourseCount, this is the result:


Fall 2013-2014 (9)

Spring 2013-2014 (9)

Fall 2014-2015 (9)

Spring 2014-2015 (9)


I understand why this is happening, but no configuration of changes has made the counts be different for each value list item. Is there a way to pull this off? What am I missing?