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    Webdirect Export


      When you are exporting data via webdirect, where is the export file created?  I have searched my computer and the server and I can't find it.   Script runs fine under Pro.  


      I see the documentation states that export via webdirect is partially supported.   So I'm wondering now if this is really an option for me.


      Thanks for any advice / assistance!

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          Hi Lynda

          By default it should go to the defined Downloads location for your web browser.

          If it is not there, what are the options set on the export script step in your script?

          Cheers, David

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            Hi David:


            I have tried 3 things:

            Assuming it would download to my windows computer:


            Set Variable [$ExportFile, Value:Get(DesktopPath) & "Students.mer"

            Export Records [No dialog; "$ExportFile"; Windows (ANSI)]

            Testing with no dialog and setting the File name manually

            Export Records  [No dialog;  Windows (ANSI)]


            And then wondering if perhaps it was going to the Mac server:

            Set Variable [$ExportFile, Value:Get(DocumentsPath)  & "Students.mer"

            Export Records [No dialog; "$ExportFile"; Macintosh]


            I checked the download folder which is the default folder for downloads on my browser, but no luck in finding the file.





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              Second option shouldn't say "No Dialog"...  Export Records  [Windows (ANSI)]  (darn you cut & paste!) 

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                You've already seen this from the FM13 script step documentation?

                      • FileMaker WebDirect does not support this script step in mobile browsers.

                      • FileMaker WebDirect does not support exporting to .fmp12, XML, or Excel formats.

                      • If the Specify output file option is selected, FileMaker WebDirect outputs exported records with the specified filename and file type but ignores the specified file path.

                      • FileMaker WebDirect outputs exported records to the web browser’s default download location.

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                  I went back and kept reading after I responded to David.   Guilty of not reading everything I needed to know before I asked...


                  However, I still can't locate an exported file.. I have searched the entire hard drive.   I do get a message saying  "Exporting Records ... Please wait"      I have tried in IE and Chrome, Windows 7 & 8


                  I can export from container field.


                  Thanks for the info Patrick

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                    Is this sorted out yet? If not, what is your exact script? Have you tried a test script just exporting with no file path or name?


                    I just tested with a script with a single export step. The options I turned on were Perform without dialog and Specify export order. Specify output file was not turned on. When I run the script in FileMaker WebDirect, I get a web dialog to name the file and choose the export format. Then the file downloads to my Downloads folder.


                    FWIW it is important to understand that FileMaker WebDirect is a web app. It operates in a sandbox. As such it has no access to your filing system. So that is why it will ignore every file path directive and export to where the browser directs it.

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                      Hi David:


                      I was originally set to report that it was not resolved, however, I decided to try the script again.  This time, I commented out the script steps which followed the export, which was a close window step and then a show dialog step, and guess what.  It worked!


                      I will still need that window closed after the export is created, but I will work that out.


                      Thanks for checking in with me on this because I was prepared to try and create the file and upload to a container field (server process at night.. I have some good plugins) but wasn't thrilled with that solution.


                      Wahoo and thank you,

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                        I wooped and wahooed a bit early on this.  I need a .mer file which is created correctly when run from PRO but no matter what format I choose (.mer, .csv .tab)  I'm loosing the return at the end of the record when run from webdirect.


                        So.. back to the drawing board.  Perhaps its a browser setting..  I'm testing in both chrome and IE on both Windows 7 & Windows 8.

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                          I could reproduce that following "Close Window" runs before! "Export Records", this seems a bug.

                          But can't loosing the return at end. (Windows7 / IE11)

                          What application do you use to open the exported file ?

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                            I was opening the files in Notepad until I saw your question and I then I opened the file in Word. In notepad, the return is not recognized.  In word,  it appears to have the return but the file fails in the mail merge.  I then exported a file as csv and it opened in excel correctly.  So I guess I was drawing the wrong conclusion thinking there was no return since it failed in the mail merge.   However, I am unable to  use the file in the mail merge when exported via webdirect.


                            This is what the import dialog box into Word mail merge looks like when importing the .MER file that is exported from Pro.  The mail merge using this file is successful.




                            And this is what it looks like when I choose the .MER file that was exported from Webdirect.




                            I chose  a comma  as the field delimiter and (enter) as the Record delimiter as there is no "¶" as one of the choices as the record delimiter.  When I try to perform the mail merge, I get the following message.




                            So that's where I am at,




                            BTW I'm exporting so the end user can do a word mail merge because the documents that they are using are many pages with lots of questions with multiple choice answers which may change from year to year, so I really don't want to create a database to collect all the answers.  Unless the client decides she wants that and adds to her budget.




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                              I found a bug report on http://forums.filemaker.com/posts/5e9b54ff2e

                              WEBDirect running on Mac server also exports CR only text files?

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                                Ahh I see... I am running on a mac server.   I will create a work around.  Thank you!