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    Filemaker for Android !  Any reviews ?


      FMDroid - FileMaker Access from an Android app



      Just came across this app . 



      Any experience with this app ?



      Please share your thoughts

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          Benjamin Fehr
          first I see: It's for FileMaker Server only.  When it's say "Fields from layouts that you create in FileMaker are automatically displayed in FMDroid", I would assume that you'll have little or none control about GUI design at all.  With my humble understanding of data-protocols (Web Publishing Engine, ODBC or other aramaic languages) I presume that any XML-datas are transmitted between FMS and a proprietary Android App which is capable to handle XML-datas.  If I'm right, you will miss the greatest benefit and outstanding advantages of FM on the Android's side: Almost no limits when it comes to GUI and graphic design!
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            It is not official, so any future version, updates in FileMaker server could potentially break it. It does state developer-focused app,  so it is not that user friendly, interface nowhere near FM GO and functionality is limited

            On the bright side it is free, so why not give it a go. If you need something very simple it could do the job. The problem is, the amount of time you probably spend getting it to work could be better spent working on a WebDirect solution.

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              Not something that you want to use on a daily basis. It is a basic GUI that allows you to point at a database. It queries the database for layouts and displays a list of layouts. Select one and it queries that layout for a list of fields. It then produces a simple UI that allows you to browse the record list. It's simple and functional.


              If you have an Android phone and you have to query/edit a FMP database then this tool will help.

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                What is the difference between this and say using CWP/PHP?  I know it is XML driven, but it seems PHP is rather tried and true and this is a tool for say an application that needs to pull data.  So the purpose of this would be if you are making an Android app and want to pull FM data, this would be the tool.  If you want to make a UI in a web browser, then I think PHP would be the way to go. 

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                  Taylor, I don't know if this helps, but you can use other apps that pull/push the XML. While "xml" web published from FMS, they aren't necessarily PHP. There are ways to display in mobiles that may only need the query/response methods. Think in terms as how FM itself has Open URL and Insert from URL and Web Viewer. These are certainly not necessarily standard CWP.

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                    The PHP API is great and it makes FMP compatible with loads of code because it 's very easy to drop the code library in place and integrate with another framework.


                    There are two things in favour of XML.

                    1. you can pick your favourite language. Everything has an XML module.

                    2. no code dependency. Provide the CWP-XML docs and your developer has all they need.

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                      Benjamin Fehr

                      Has anybody already made any experiences with Swift?

                      I would expect that Swift can handle XML. The challenge then would be to address network connections, dealing with ports and transmissions.

                      I'm just curious.

                      (I also know that for me, learning a phoenician language with 12 different kinds of declinations would be much easier than this.)