Progress bars implementation in FM?

Discussion created by jurijn on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by embeco

Hy Folks!


There are times, where the user interaction with FM interface is not possible for a certain period of seconds.

That happens when the FM resources are used for some expensive proccessing.


I wonder if someone has implemented some kind of a progress bar, that has access to the lower layers of FM's functionality.

I mean by that some function calls or something similar, where you can get a returned value how long some operation or operations would

take and use that to build some ql stuff like a "real" progress bar.

I know there are some ways to build a progress bar, but i didnt saw something similar that references the time needed in FM to finish some proccessing (examples could be: expensive sorting of related datarows in a portal, exporting to PDF, startup scripts,...).


Does it exist something similar?   

What would be the workaround, if it exists maybe?