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    resetting count summary based on drop down menu item


      I have a single database with a list of attendees at different events, I have created a relationship on State so I can generate a list of attendees that only live in "the" state.


      I have a single field in the header, set as drop-down menu, and a value list selected from the field "State"


      I then created a portal with the attendees information, i.e. name, company, phone, email, and state.  The state is there to provide validation.


      I am sorting  on State and have created a summary field for the count of States.


      When I sort the DB, then select the state from the drop-down box, it works the first time as I have the count for the state chosen shows up in the box. 


      My issue is when I select another state, then the count doesn't show up.  I suspect it has something to do with the sort.  Is there any way to have it sort when you click on the "State" drop down box?


      Is it also possible to sort the "found" portal records for event location or name of the attendee?


      Thank you for your assistance in resolving this issue





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          I'm having difficulties following your description …


          What does “select a state” mean? Are you constraining / filtering the list by that selection? Or navigating to a state within the list?


          If it is the former, and you're only displaying attendees from a single state, you neither need to sort the records by state (it's the same state, after all), nor do you need a summary field; you can insert the symbol for FoundCount.


          If you're actually displaying records for several states, then you probably need a sub-summary part with State as the break field; place the state name and the summary field into that part to get a group count (i.e. by State).


          Be aware that now you must sort by state – i.e. the part's break field – or the part won't appear.