Data Separation. How many people use it and why?

Discussion created by bigtom on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2015 by mbk28

I am taking a serious look at making this the standard way for me to develop most solutions from now as the relationships will not change much if ever, but the UI will change frequently in the future as things like iOS change and general design improvements occur. This should also allow me to easily adapt standard data structures to unique Layouts for different uses/clients.


I have seen some people say it is a bad idea, but they never really have a solid reason for it.


So far as I can tell if I do not mess with the relationships and do not change the file names this should work just fine. The data file may have tables and fields added in the future but nothing changed or removed. I am assuming this works well with ODBC just the same as it does in one file.


One of my main solutions is very image heavy and I was considering moving all the images into a third file. Is there any drawback to 3-4 file solution? Any advantage?


How does data separation affect speed of the solution?