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    Get thumbnail/keyframe from movie


      I'm using FileMaker Pro/Go v13 and have a container field that allows the user to record a video on the iPad.


      We would like to display a thumbnail/keyframe of that video (similar to how videos are displayed on YouTube). I haven't been able to find a function that allows me to generate a thumbnail/video from the movie fie in the container field so far. I'm not sure if this is even possible - has anyone been able to do this before?




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          You can do this with a plugin, but then it has to be done on a server or a desktop client, since FMGO does not support plugins.

          Don't know of any native functions, that can do this.

          Maybe there is a possibility to do it with javascript libraries.

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            Agreed with Claus that you have to do something server side on this.


            This would be a good use case for Perform Script on Server.


            Depending on where the container contents are stored (EG if they are stored on the server in an open format), you might be able to use an applescript on OSX to capture a screenshot. This utility: qt_tools allows you to capture frames via command line in OSX. This might also help:

            » quicktime footage to contact sheet, automated in 2 steps you down with FCP?


            Any native system stuff you'll most likely have better luck with on a mac host for iPad captured video. For FileMaker plugins, I'd imagine something from Troi or Monkeybread would be capable from a plugin function perspective. Or you could write some java and run it through scriptmaster.

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