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Question about data entry field and auto entry

Question asked by itskaykay on Mar 3, 2015
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Hello! I am new to Filemaker, so please forgive me if this question will come off as very naive.


Background info (skip if you are brilliant and need no explanations):

I am currently trying to work off of the Contacts template that was in the beginner's trial download. This question is only related to the single contact details form, but in order to provide you guys with more (useful/useless/insertwordofchoicehere) ultimately I am trying to build a database for an educational institution/colleges that deals with about 80% international students and 20% local students. International students are always given a student ID number directly from the government/immigrations bureau, which always starts with the letter "N" and follows with 9 numerical numbers. I am trying to add this data entry field above the First and Last name fields. I am a complete beginner, not only to Filemaker, but to DB building as well.



1. Government ID field question

Since the ID will always start with an "N" and the numbers that follow have absolutely no incremental patterns, is it possible to have this entry box automatically start with the letter "N" when you click the box to make a manual data entry, which would be the rest of the government number? I would eventually have to be able to use the N######### ID number as a whole for look up/search functions later on as well.


2. If the first question is possible, is there a way to prevent data entry IF the N######## that was entered already exists in a previous record for another student?


A big thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and offers their words of wisdom!