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Reasons for not using a table's parent table occurrence?

Question asked by jgalt on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by planteg

I have seen several databases from experienced developers where they are not using the initial table occurrence that is auto-created when a new table is made. They keep these untouched and never link them to other table occurrences.


Can someone please explain the reason for doing this?


Also, is there a way to tell which copy of a table occurrence is the original one if you are inheriting a solution that was produced by someone else?


For example, if I create a table called 'INVOICES" I get a TO called "INVOICES". If I create a copy of it I get a new TO called "INVOICES 2". Now if I go to the original TO and rename it ''INVOICES_test and then rename the copy "INVOICES", how could anyone tell and which one is the original and what difference does it make?