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Question asked by joey_legos on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2015 by joey_legos

I have a database that holds the results of a recent survey our company oversees. The survey is taken by individuals from a number of different companies in our group, and they provide feedback regarding the vendors in our group. I'm trying to produce a report for each company, and a report for each vendor that summarizes the responses. The notable fields involved are record id, survey id, individual name (survey taker), company name (survey taker's company), vendor being reviewed, response to question 1, response to question 2, response to question 3.


I can generate a company report with a number of portals but it is not efficient in creating the layout and also does not provide desirable page breaks. I'm looking to take the schematics of this database in a different direction. Would a sub-summary report be useful even though no aggregate functions are needed? If not, any advice regarding an efficient method to generate these reports would be very much appreciated.


I attached a workbook that provide generic examples of the survey report. Thanks.