How to write a field only one time

Discussion created by mbeck65 on Mar 4, 2015
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I'm creating a table that will contain the company's master data of my customers.

I would like that when a new company is inserted in my table some field can be written the first time and cannot be modified (e.g. the company's legal form). The reason for this behaviour is that, if a change is necessary, it means that something very important has changed and the master data has to be renewed by using a duplication... Example: the ZZZ company has the principal address in 101 5th Street New York until 31 december 2014, starting from 1 january 2015 the principal address changes. I have to disable the possibility to change the principal address in the record of the master data: if the user of my application will need to do this kind of operation shall duplicate the record and he/she will modify the new one... I need to do this because I need to store the change history of the company...

Thanks a lot for ideas and suggestions.