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    Unexpected behaviour of Perform Find


      I am using FM Advance 13.4 to a hosted file on FM Server 13. The file contains a contact table. I made a simple layout with 5 basic fields (name, mobile etc) and a button with a button setup to do just PERFORM FIND.


      Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.21.14 pm.png


      When the first time I click on the button, the system prompted me with an error


      Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 8.12.00 pm.png



      I click on Modify Find (without much choice) and enter a simple search for first_name that begin with J. It returns the correct search result of 3 records (in my example file).


      Next I click Show All. The problem come when I click on the search button again, the system will immediately show the previous search result (3 record) and I don't have the chance to enter new search criteria.


      I have used tried the following :

      1. use another Mac

      2. create new layout

      3. the account login is admin (full access)

      4. login with another account and run debug (ended with error 400 : Find criteria are empty)

      5. login via iPad


      All above failed to give me what I want to do a simple PERFORM FIND search.

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          James -


          Clicking a button that only does a Perform Find with no stored find criteria will do what you are seeing - display a message that no records were found.  This is because you did not enter in any valid find criteria and therefore no records were returned.  Ideally you'd want to modify your button to run a script to do something like...


               Enter Find Mode [Pause]

               Perform Find


          Entering Find mode and pausing will allow you to enter in your find criteria first before the find is actually performed.


          As for the behavior of the button redoing your last find - I am somewhat surprised at that behavior but I was able to reproduce it.  I'll follow up on my end to see if this is an actual bug or expected behavior (that it remembers what your last find was.)


          Steve Romig

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Steve - this is the expected behavior that I have always seen.  If you manually do a find, and hit cancel instead of Modify Find, it goes back to the found set from before the attempted find.

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              Perform find is the "action" telling FileMaker to perform the find.  First enter Find Mode  (this is what command-F does).  Second step is Perform Find.


              You can embed the find criteria in the Perform Find request by using the "Restore / Specify Find Request" option.